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Eugene Rudenko Recognized as Automation Champion of the Year by GSA UK

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Eugene Rudenko Recognized as Automation Champion of the Year by GSA UK

NIX United as a winner of GSA UK Professional Awards

Eugene Rudenko, AI Solutions Director at NIX United, has been named a winner in the GSA Professional Awards 2022 Automation Champion of the Year category.

ST. PETERSBURG, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2022 / — The GSA UK Awards honor and celebrate individuals and companies that have demonstrated best practices in the Global Sourcing Standard. This year the GSA received a tremendous number of applications, which resulted in 72 finalists in 20 categories.

With over 15 years of experience and as a winner in the Automation Champion of the Year category, Eugene has proven himself to be an outstanding business automation and software product development expert. He primarily focuses on data science technologies, providing clients with both initial and current business value by automating workflows and optimizing existing processes.

Data engineering and data analysis generate competitive advantages by providing meaningful insights to decision-making processes. Eugene and the NIX team assist clients in extracting these insights from scattered data that cannot be manually analyzed using AI and deep learning solutions.

“In addition to business and technology analysis, I’m gaining experience in competitive environment research. However, some of our designs have no market analogs. In such cases, NIX implements cutting-edge technologies to increase the productivity of developed systems and improve model accuracy. Our experience has convinced us that being a forerunner in innovation yields enormous benefits, so it is worthwhile to take risks with new technology. In our work with new technology, we always adhere to GSA’s guidance on automation & AI in outsourcing, which incorporates both best practices, continuous service innovation, and evident commitment to the industry in the future,” Eugene Rudenko stated in his application for the GSA UK Award.

Consult our expert and he will analyze your needs and offer the most relevant options for data science solutions to cover them.

About the GSA

The Global Sourcing Association (GSA) is the industry association and professional body for the global sourcing industry and founder of the Global Sourcing Standard. Its overriding objective is the ongoing development and dissemination of the Standard and supporting a portfolio of qualifications in order to improve the benefits from, and positive reputation and, therefore size of, the global sourcing industry. The GSA also serves to share best practices and trends and connections across the globe, as well as bring the global community together in a wholly interactive manner for the first time. The Global Sourcing Association UK, also known as GSA-UK, was formerly known as the National Outsourcing Association in the UK.

About NIX United

NIX United is a global software engineering company with more than 3000 professionals and comprehensive expertise across multiple business and technology verticals. Since 1994, we have empowered tech companies, SaaS providers, and multinational enterprises with top-of-the-line solutions that extend their capabilities and contribute to their growth. NIX United is trusted by world-renowned companies, enhancing their businesses and assisting in achieving new heights through our technology solutions.

Yevheniia Kryvwenko
NIX United

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Florida News - City News Miami originally published at Florida News - City News Miami

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