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Rated Bike Tour Experience

x-3550987Reviewed May 13, 2013 I had friends over from Germany and of course I needed to entertain them. I saw people cruising around Miami with these bikes and I found out you can rent them. Since the Conrad hotel is in my neighbor hood I called the Concierge about information and he actually said they rent them out there. He made arrangements for me and Ray came by with great ideas where to go and what to do. He had a great map which was very helpful too. We ended up discovering Key Biscayne as Ray suggested and it was so much fun. The bikes, Ray and the service he provides is wonderful. A must do while in Miami

“Ultimate Miami Excursion”

x-3550987Reviewed May 10, 2013 NEW

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I am an active guy and enjoy doing active things on vacations. I came on a visit from San Diego and thought this was such a cool idea! We called Ray up and he delivered the bikes right to our hotel free of charge. Marvin, the gentlemen that delivered us the bikes outfitted us with some sweet bikes. We rode all over Miami Beach and had a great time. I would recommend this excursion ten times over for anyone thats looking to see Miami the right way.
Gino SSan Diego, Californi
“heavily recomended”Reviewed May 2, 2013Was this review helpful?YesAs a concierge in Downtown Miami, let me recommend this activities, as one of the best sightseeing tours in Miami. Riding an electric bike from Downtown Miami to South Beach using the Venetian Causeway with relaxing stops in Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road could be an excellent half day tour in South Florida. Bikes are comfortable, easy to ride, and the electric battery works perfectly.

“So good we booked the next day…”Reviewed April 27, 2013Was this review helpful?YesWe booked these bikes for my birthday for 4 hours. We booked before we went and arranged by email for the bikes to be dropped off at our hotel. Ray rang our hotel the day before to confirm times etc. Ray was fantastic, he gave us a map, shows us the best routes and recommended places to stop and eat. 
We set off to South Beach from our downtown hotel and stopped at a hotel overlooking the water that Ray had told us about. The bikes were very easy to operate, fun to ride and great to get around. We had a lovely lunch then continued on to South Beach, rode down the sidewalk and back again before heading back home. 4 hours was just the right length of time for us, we didn’t have to rush and got to see everything we wanted.
Ray had told us about a few different routes around Miami and becuase we enjoyed them so much, the next day we rang Ray and arranged to rent the bikes again. Ray came along again to drop them off, recommended another place for lunch and talked us through the route again. This time we headed to the south point of Miami, through Old Culter Road (which was very beautiful – see photos) and down to Matheson Hammock Park and Beach (which was stunning). We went a lot further on the second day and got to see something a bit different. 
I would highly recommend using these electric bikes to anyone visiting Miami. Ray was a great help and very friendly. We saw so much more than we would have on a bus or walking, plus the bikes were super fun.

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